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NEW! Read about our EPS styrofoam recycling service in an article from the Memphis Business Journal.

Managers - Do you know where your recycled products are going? This recent article on CNN (Destination of 'recycled' electronics may surprise you 11/19/07) highlights the practice by some recyclers of dumping electronic waste overseas. does not send product overseas and maintains a no landfill policy. You know your company's reputation is protected with us.

The EU's Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEE) includes rules for the disposal of most types of electronic waste in the EU.  These mandates are currently in effect in the EU and may impact U.S. corporations.  See more information about the WEE Directive here:

PDF File of entire WEE text

European Environment Agency

EPA Cross National Organizations

Contact us for more information about how this impacts your global operations.
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Recycling Solutions for Corporate Social Responsibility

The call for more recycling has redefined business processes. Looking for innovative ways to responsibly dispose of your companyís industrial waste can be complex and time-consuming. Finding the most financially favorable way to recycle adds an even greater burden. can provide your company with comprehensive, no-landfill recycling for most of your manufacturing and distribution scrap, and your end-of-life electronic equipment. We have experience providing extensive recycling to many Fortune 500 firms in the Midsouth since 2001.

Recyclable Materials specializes in recycling the following:

  • End-of-life products (secure destruction available)

  • IT equipment

  • Polyurethane

  • Polyethylene

  • Polystyrene

  • Polypropylene

  • Polycarbonate

  • ABS

  • And most thermoplastics

Memphis Recycling Services provides the following services for all your industrial waste including electronics, polystyrene, and polymers.

  • Collection We can help you develop and implement programs to efficiently collect your materials with minimal impact on your current operations. With ample destruction equipment and a significant logistics infrastructure, your company can get quick service for minimal storage or space requirements.

  • Transportation We can provide trucks for storage and transportation from your facility to our recycling center. Our fleet of trailers is company owned and operated by company employed drivers. You are assured on-time and consistently professional service.

  • Secure Product Destruction Disposing of proprietary products in a secure manner is critical to todayís businesses. has extensive experience meeting the rigorous demands for secure destruction by global manufacturing leaders. Our ability to rapidly collect, transport, and destroy your items results in the highest level of security. Our facility and procedures further insure that your items are handled responsibly every time.

  • Recycling Since 2001 we have maintained our company mission of contributing zero material to landfills. Our innovative manufacturing alliances enable us to reclaim raw materials from your industrial waste and create new products. When you use us you are ensuring that your company is doing its part to reduce waste, protect the environment, and mitigate damaging corporate liability.

When to call us:
You can save significant time and money by using us as a resource for:

  • Removing old equipment for new technology deployments

  • Destroying out of date inventory or items with manufacturing defects

  • Reducing landfill or waste collection fees

  • Freeing up valuable dock or warehouse space used for scrap collection

  • The ability to outsource your recycling tasks and focus on your critical business operations

  • Creating potential revenue streams by finding value in your recyclables.

An Experienced Recycling Company

Our organization was started in response to the growing need of firmís like yours to manage the enormous quantity of industrial waste that is generated by our modern economy. We maintain a 50,000 square foot electronics recycling facility in Memphis, Tennessee.  From this strategic location we can assist companies with their electronic and polymer recycling needs all over the U.S.

Electronic waste recycling and computer recycling can sometimes be one of the more time-consuming aspects of new technology initiatives or manufacturing and service operations.  Working with an experienced, ethical computer recycling company can save you time, headaches, and money and give you and your organization the assurance that your assets are being disposed of in the correct way. 

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