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When You Need An Electronics Or Computer Recycling Company 

Hiring a recycling company is no small task.  Finding the company that has the history, capacity, and infrastructure to handle each step of the disposal process can be challenging. Some computer recycling companies can help you with one or two steps of the process but we can help with every required step of this important process.

 Additionally, when you select a company to assist you with your asset recovery or IT disposal needs, your company’s reputation is paramount.  Having a company illegally disposing of electronics by dumping them in landfills or shipping them to developing nations is a risk that you cannot afford to take.  Damaging publicity, hefty fines, and lawsuits are a very real danger to your company if proper e-waste disposal procedures are not followed.   Our demonstrable history of responsible e-waste disposal provides your organization with the assurance you need.

As an environmentally conscious computer recycler, has a strict no landfill policy.  Period.  We have industry partnerships for remarketing, equipment for shredding and de-manufacturing, and alliances for recycling components down to the smallest level.  Our capacity to pick-up, store, and physically manage the disposal of your assets provides you with more options. 

Private Data Protection: The New Concern For IT Disposal

It used to be that you could simply remarket or dispose of computers fairly easily.  Now your IT disposal projects must include significant measures for proper data destruction.  Simply wiping tape and hard drives is no longer considered an acceptable process for disposing of old technology. provides secure, confidential, and compliant destruction of electronic media.

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